Why choose Super1Host?

Technical Support

Stuck at an Error 404 page! We’re here to help! With our expert team of online support staff, we assist in getting you online and on the map, digitally!

Regular Backups

Does everything suddenly disappear without a trace? We’ve got you! Regular back-ups are done to your website or online store to ensure nothing is really “lost”.

Reliable uptime

Reliability always. One less thing for you to worry about.

Fast Servers

Time is money, and nothing is worse than a loading website. We don’t compromise on speed with our expert servers. 

Secure SSL Certificates

With a complimentary Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, all domains hosted with us ensures that your website and mail boxes are secure.

Fast Servers

Speed is money. We don't compromise.

Super1host is part of the Impakful Innovations group of companies

A Super 1 Stop Hosting Solution

Let’s get you hosted

We’ll take care of the technicalities and hosting while you focus on what you do best.

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Managed Server vs Self-Managed Servers

  • A server solely for you

    No need to compete for resources, with our Managed Server! You won’t have to share processing power or traffic.

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  • A server that serves you

    Customise your environment with full root/administrator access. Choose your preferred Linux or Windows operating system and enjoy unlimited network traffic.

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Web Development solutions once your domain is secured

Let us develop your dream website into a reality once your domain is secured.

Web development